2-Year Limited Warranty.

Slight color fading, chalking, edge lifting, slight reduction in gloss or tenting around rivets will not detract from appearance and will not be repaired under this warranty. The 24-month limited warranty does not cover fading of color. Please note if the vinyl manufacturer does not guarantee horizontal surfaces, installation will follow suit. If any repairs due to product failure are needed during the first 24 months of vehicle delivery, the repairs will fall under the 24 month limited workmanship warranty. There will be no charge for labor or material. However, transportation of the vehicle to and from the repair location is the sole responsibility of the Client and is not covered under this warranty. The damaged area will be cut away and replaced with new print. Seams will be lined up as well as possible, but slight mismatch of images may occur. Please note that vinyl applied by anyone other than us will result in a void of warranty.